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Secure, End-to-End Payment Processing

ProPay’s MicroSecure™ Card Reader and ProtectPay™ provide a powerful combination for secure, end-to-end credit card payment processing.

Today’s Data Security Dilemma

Many companies are not fully aware of the risks they take when they capture and store sensitive customer information such as cardholder data, bank account information, and social security numbers. In too many cases, this sensitive data is written on order forms or sticky notes, or stored in spreadsheets. This unwise lack of security standards can cost businesses in the long-run if they fail to keep their customers and themselves protected.

Today’s Hackers and Data Thieves

Of the recent data breaches, 84% were financially motivated and included the theft of payment card data. Companies are embroiled in a constant fight to protect sensitive cardholder information. Hackers and data thieves are highly skilled and motivated, and do not have to consider legal or moral implications for their actions, making them especially dangerous to your business. ProPay provides a way for businesses to protect cardholder data from these would-be thieves.

Secure the Data End-to-End

With all the risks and challenges of securing cardholder data, ProPay has focused a solution on providing business with a secure transaction from start to finish.  Our end-to-end solution provides a way to be able to capture and store information without the business ever needing to know more than the name of the purchaser.  Once a card is read by the card reader the information is encrypted and can be stored and transmitted through ProPay’s system with ProtectPay, enabling the transaction while limiting risk.  With the end-to-solution a merchant may save customers cardholder information for repeat billing without having to write the information down or copy it into an unsecure location.  They can quickly and easily access the stored information on the ProtectPay system, without decrypting the data for future processing.

MicroSecure™ Card Reader

Cardholder data is encrypted instantly, so clients don’t have to take the risk of writing down sensitive information. Whether it is used with an Internet connection, or as a portable “store-and-forward” device, the card reader is the secure alternative to a bulky, unsafe, paper-based system of data storage. To learn more about the MicroSecure Card Reader, click here.


ProPay’s ProtectPay acts as a secure data repository, where merchants can store cardholder information. Merchants will no longer need to run the risk of keeping customers’ valuable information on file in their own system. ProtectPay offers companies of all sizes protection of sensitive cardholder data, as well as reducing the scope of PCI DSS compliance. To learn more about ProtectPay and PCI DSS, click here.

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