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Why Accept Credit Cards?

Top Three Reasons to accept credit cards

  1. Triple your sales
  2. No more trips to the bank or bounced checks
  3. Customers want to pay with credit cards

Triple your salesTriple your sales

Several studies, including one conducted by the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, have shown that the average size of credit card orders is up to three times larger than cash and check orders. People buy more when they pay with a credit card.

No more trips to the bank or bounced checks

By making credit cards your preferred method of payment, you reduce or eliminate bounced checks and decrease the time it takes to process orders. Your payment is guaranteed up front and ProPay's simple online transaction entry takes just a few moments. No more trips to the bank or bounced checks.

"Paying by credit card is so much easier for me and my customers that I've actually made it my preferred method of payment."

Customers want to pay with credit cards

Customers increasingly want to pay by credit card. Studies show that credit card payments will overtake cash and check payments within the next few years. Customers often get benefits for paying with credit cards such as frequent flier miles or other affinity points. Paying with a credit card also gives customers more flexibility to manage their cash flow.

What about processing fees?

Many business owners are hesitant to take credit cards because of the processing fees. The fact is, by accepting credit cards you make much more money than you pay in fees because order sizes tend to be larger. Just one increased order size as a result of accepting credit cards could easily pay for the costs associated with accepting credit cards. The example below compares how much money can be made with cash & check payments vs. credit card payments.

"Even if my customer orders just one more product as a result of paying with a credit card, I make more money than I would have otherwise. And... the larger order sizes more than pay for the small processing fee."
-Emily, UT
Triple Your Sales

Scenarios B, C, and D assume fees from the ProPay Premium Account of 3.25% + $0.35 per transaction.

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